Mission Statement

Sustainable Practices – Paperless workflow whenever and wherever possible. Reusing physical material to cut down on waste. We hate using plastic, especially the disposable kind. We love upcycling waste material and DIY whenever possible. We encourage the use of public transport and mass transit systems amongst all our employees and associates.

Locally Made – All our talent, equipment and technicians are sourced locally, unless it is technically impossible or required by the project to come from another place.

Equal Opportunity – Our selection is based on best fit for the project in terms of talent/technical proficiency and experience. Other than these areas, we are strictly blind to all other distinctions/discriminations. We work with a rainbow variety of people from widely varied fields of work and backgrounds.

Supporting The Scene – We support the scene by trying to create income and exposure opportunities for various kinds of industry related and general creative talent. We are actively trying to reverse the talent drain that is happening in Kolkata and her neighbours due to lack of opportunities. In the end, this goes to benefit everyone, including our local competitors but most importantly, it benefits those who need it the most — the youth who want to break away from the mainstream and forge their own  path.

Incentive Driven, Non-Exploitative Model – We do not employ free interns or accept free service or any kind. We provide reasonable (higher than local standards) monetary payment in most cases of inexperienced/unskilled service providers, along with credit where credit is due. In exceptional cases, we exchange services instead as a way of repayment.

We Love Our City – We are in Kolkata by choice and we intend to create more reasons for other outfits, business or otherwise, to do the same.