[If you are film maker/producer, please skip this section and send us an email instead with your queries.]

  1. How Much Do You Charge? – Well that really depends on the project. Given the budget, we can go all out and create a hollywood style epic VFX fest that will put everyone else to shame. Anything below that is really relative and depends on what you are looking for. That said, we have separate charges for editing existing footage and for doing the production as well as the post-production (editing, titles, coloring, VFX, etc.). As a rule, promotional videos cost more than documentaries purely because promos need more content and excitement. But there are exceptions to this rule. Send us an outline of what you want, make it as detailed as you can and we will send you a tentative budget within 1 business day.
  2. Why Do You Have Different Post-Production Rates and Timelines For Client-Provided Footage? – Because more often than not, the footage is completely unplanned and as a result, there’s often a lot of it. It is more work for us to tease a story out of it and hence it takes longer too. When we handle the entire production and post, we plan everything down to the last detail and use the best talent available. This makes the post-production process smoother and faster. And the efficiency also gives you a tighter budget.
  3. How Soon Should I Make A Booking? – The sooner the better. Our slots are usually backed up a few months. So calling us  at least one month in advance is advisable.
  4. Does That Mean You Will Not Do Projects On A Short Notice? – It takes a lot of planning and organising to produce the shortest of videos to make them look good. However, if the project is really exciting or it really is very important to you, we can always talk it over and figure it out. As always, budgets are higher for last minute jobs because there’s not enough to time to plan to bring costs down or to workout an efficient workflow.
  5. I Got A Really Cheap Video Guy Who Does It For Almost Free/Really Cheap – That’s great, you should stick to him/her. But if you want something more cost-effective, you can spend a little more that what you are used to spending and get something produced that has real impact on your audience. It is important to remember that cheap products are easily procured but it’s only the quality ones that really make an impact. As the saying goes — A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
  6. So How Many Of You Are There? – We have a fantastic team that grows and shrinks according to need. Our core team includes our director, cinematographer, editor, still photographers, gaffer, stylist and production manger and they are fantastic anywhere you put them. We also have an ever expanding team when you need a small army for a large production.
  7. Will You Be Using (Specific Equipment, Technology, Accessory, etc.) While Shooting My Project? – If it is absolutely necessary, then yes we will. However, in most cases, there are alternatives and we will go for the most effective solution. It will keep your budget realistic and it will also make sure that we are not forced into obscure territories during post-production. However, that does not mean we are not open to experimentation. Feel free to tell us what you have in mind and we will do our best to make it happen.
  8. How Experimental Are You Willing To Go? – If the project excites us, we are willing to go in as deep the rabbit hole will take us really. Give us your craziest ideas, hit us with your best shot!
  9. I Have A Small Budget But This Has Never Been Done Before/It Is Art House And Very Cool – That’s what we have Tripus Art House for. We have a city-wide network of musicians, artists, cinematographers, performers and technicians. Plus we LOVE DIY. So we can always pool our resources to make something creative, beautiful and collaborative. We believe in Win-Win situations where everybody involved gets credit for what they do and for doing something just because it is beautiful and can be done.
  10. That Sounds Idealistic, I Am Looking For A Joint Venture/Co-Branding – We are all ears. Shoot us an email with your proposal/project brief.

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